Get Involved

Nov 21 2012

Community Hope School is an exciting and fun place for those who have a servant heart and are looking to volunteer. CHS currently has staff members from all over the world. The countries of the United States, Canada, Holland, South Africa, Zamibia. Nigeria and Namibia are currently represented by the volunteers and staff at CHS. The children and teachers alike are blessed and excited when volunteers come to give of their time and love at the school. There are long and short term opportunities.

Short term volunteers are invited to come and help with projects at the school; this can include building projects, tutoring and helping in John’s pottery studio. Long term volunteers are invited to experience a hands-on time of serving at the school by working as teachers, teacher’s assistants, helping with fund raising, aiding in after school programs and other exciting opportunities. Community Hope School is also a great place for students who are looking for a place to do their internship. There are many needs at the school and if you have a special set of skills you could probably be used at CHS.

There is an old saying that “once you have the dust of Africa in your sandals, it is impossible to get it out.” Namibia is a beautiful African country and CHS gives all who have wanted to experience what God is doing around the world a fantastic opportunity to get some of that African dust into their sandals. Prayerfully consider volunteering at Community Hope School, an application can be found here: CHS Volunteer Application.


Community Hope School is a non-profit organization that is run and funded almost entirely by donations. John and Suzanne Hunter, the founders of the school, spend many months out of the year traveling to raise funds for the school. John also runs a pottery studio where he makes the empty bowls used for fundraising. The school currently has 118 students and over 20 staff members.  Every day almost all of these students receive two meals and a healthy snack. Furthermore, the students are provided with school uniforms and most of their school supplies. It costs about US150 per month, per student to keep the school running. CHS is not only interested in the lives of the children, but also in the lives of local teachers. CHS provides jobs for local teachers, with about half of the staff members being local and receive a salary each month. The rest of the staff consists of mainly international volunteers. As of now the school does not yet have its own building, so several rooms and a kitchen are being rented from a local church. All of these expenses come up to about US$15,000 per month. This amount does not include the occasional doctor’s visit or other emergencies that arise.

By donating to Community Hope School, you will be partnering with a vibrant ministry that is making a real difference, not only in the lives of  at risk children, but also in the community of Katatura. If you would like to join with CHS in ministering to the children of Katutura, you can sponsor one or more children for US$150 a month.