October Update

Oct 06 2017

Dear Friends of CHS,

If you are in Windhoek don’t miss this opportunity. Even if you are not we want you to know about the Open Day. This is our 13th year of operation and we are excited about what the future holds. Celebrate with us as we thank the Lord for another successful year of service.

You are invited to our Open Day on the 25th of October 2017.  Our objective is to showcase the impact we are making in the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children we are working with. Your presence will be highly appreciated.
Our main program presentation is at 9:00am where our guest speaker will give a brief speech, followed by tea & snacks and a visit to our different classrooms.
We look forward to sharing this day with you.
Kind regards,

Roméy Beukes 
School Principal

Teshanti is one of 20 new students who will attend Community Hope School in January 2018.

For the past thirteen years years we have introduced a new class of children to the sounds and meanings of words, showing them pictures and images of the world they never dreamed of. Hungry to learn, children drink in knowledge. Our students learn to read quickly and well. That marks them as members of the best school in Katutura. Community Hope continues to be a light to the local people longing and eager to give their children a quality  education. 

Presently, John and I are touring the USA. Being at home this fall helps us identify with fellow Americans suffering catastrophic loss from recent storms and tragedy. In spite of personal loss, Americans are some of the most generous people in the world. We love meeting people like yourselves who want to know more about what it means to be a sponsor.

We are grateful for your prayers and financial support that makes school possible for these disadvantaged children. Instead of being left alone to fend for themselves, these little ones will be provided with healthy meals and uplifting, Godly education in a happy place where they spend the day feeling safe and cared for.

Check out our website to learn how you can sponsor a child.

With love and gratitude,


This is Namibia’s 3rd and final school term for 2017.  Pray for the teachers and the students as they  “Finish the Course”

Thank the Lord for the new sponsors that have responded to our plea for financial support for at Community Hope.

Pray for the families of 20 new students. We are asking for a deeper commitment to the success of their children’s eduction.
Sponsor a Child