February 2017 Update

Apr 25 2017

February 2017 Update

Hope Rises
When Jesus’ faithful servant who received five talents brought back five more, the Lord was well pleased with him. He said, “ Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord." Nabot, a young teenager, who graduated from Community Hope three years ago is like that "faithful servant." Last week Nabot dropped by school to pay me a visit. He came to tell me of his progress and plans for the future. When I asked him my usual question, what do you aim to study in college,  the answer was already on his lips. “ Mrs. Hunter, I want to be a doctor.” Nabot just entered eleventh grade. He has been the top student in his class for three years, and earned forty-one out of a possible 42 points on the national tenth grade final exam.

This boy who has often lacked the comforts of life, raised in a humble home by a single auntie, is on his way to success. Perhaps one day, Nabot may be one of  Community Hope’s first doctors. My heart swells with hope for the future of Namibia! There are many more like Nabot who attend Community Hope School. These young leaders have the potential to change their nation. We are thankful for your prayers and sponsorships that over the years have helped kids like Nabot succeed. Your help provides that spiritual strength and the daily necessities for children at a risk. As this year unwinds, we pray God’s love and blessings for you and your families who have meant so much to us at Community Hope School.

Prayer Requests:

1. Wisdom for our Teachers for Africa Training program, training that educates and equips Namibian teachers.

2. Nabot’s future education

3. Favor for the Hunter’s work permits that are awaiting renewal.