February Mid-Month Newsletter

Apr 25 2017

February Mid-Month 2017 Update

Back to Life
I live in a desert, the Kalahari Desert to be precise, which borders the Namib Desert on its Southern side. Its hot and very dry, especially in Winter, which here in the Southern Hemisphere is June, July, and August. Winter is my favorite season as it rarely gets below freezing. Homes here don’t have central heating but we have a beautiful Kiva style corner fireplace in our bedroom that keeps us warm. It is also hunting season and hunting in Africa is a dream many desire but never attain but for me is a yearly pleasure. Spring is short, with a return of warm days turning hot quickly. 

Because Windhoek is a mile high like Mexico City the nights are cool and bring a welcome relief from the heat of the day. Rain is often scanty and for the last three years there has been a drought, so, when in January, at the beginning of Summer and the New Year the rains began everyone rejoiced. The trees, all of them acacia thorn trees of one sort or another, began to bloom, their white and yellow puffs of blossoms and new leaves began to appear on what would have seemed, to a casual observer, dead wood. Because of the drought some trees, even these hardy species have not survived. One tree in the corner of my yard behind our pizza oven didn’t bloom or leaf when all the others did. I was pretty sure it was dead, a victim of the long dry years. I was making plans to remove it and use it for firewood, which would have been a shame as it was the tree I used to tie my hammock to. It’s a perfect place on the side of the yard for a Sunday afternoon nap. But just a week ago I looked and it is back to life, full of leaves and healthy. What a happy surprise. And it made me think, that some things do rise up from death suddenly with a renewed vitality ready to bear fruit and seed. 

Let us not loose hope in life or despair when things are dry and lifeless. Jesus himself who himself rose from the dead like his dear friend Lazarus said, I am the way, the truth and the life.

Community Hope School springs back to life each year in January, with fresh, expectant faces ready to learn and receive the waters of life through a thoroughly Christian education, one, where God is foremost in each subject and the truths of God’s Word  are the source and seedbed of every subject. Today is day one of week four. Please pray for our teachers as they prepare their weekly and daily lessons and lead their students deeper into the study of God’s marvelous works through literature, history, art and science. Most of them are new at teaching and covet your prayers. I know Suzanne and I do. 

Your gift and monthly support are like the rains which give us life.