April 2017 Newsletter

Apr 27 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

Romé Beukes (center) has served for 12 years at Community Hope as a teacher and head of Family Life Ministries. This year she became our principal. Romé has had three sons at CHS and her youngest, Caleb, is in 7th grade this year. Romé demonstrates servant leadership on a daily basis at school and home. 

Indepensia (left) and Kayla (right) are Prefect and Head Girl. They will both graduate in December and go on to High School in January. They are examples of what God does with us when we give our lives to Jesus. This weekend all the 7th grade girls came out to our house for the weekend with their teacher, Suama Joshua. 

On Saturday morning John did a devotional with the class and each one made a small pinch pot representing their lives and the work God is doing in their hearts. We found out that even though our lives are cracked that God loves us and uses our weaknesses to help us learn to depend on Him.

Servant leadership is the character we all need to succeed. It is the heart and soul of Community Hope. 

2017 is CHS’s 12 year anniversary.  As we end the first term we pray for increased influence here in Namibia so we can do even more. 

Namibia is truly one of Africa’s wonders. We would love to host you for a visit. Whether it be a desert safari adventure or a wildlife photography tour, we can help arrange an affordable trip for you and your family. The best part of the journey is meeting and relating to the children at Community Hope School!

We are grateful for your faithful prayers and monthly support, you are a big part of the reason Community Hope continues to thrive!