June 2017 Newsletter

Jun 05 2017

"I Love the Way the Teachers Treat Me."

Africans speak with musical sounds! The world is full of so many different kinds of people. Windhoek is a place where you can hear ten or more different languages spoken at a time just walking down the street.  

I teach English. My average student speaks three or more languages. Over the years I’ve taught scores of Africans, young and adult how to articulate and enunciate the seventy plus sounds of the English language. I have been told that kids who graduate from Community Hope School are more confident and well spoken than their peers. A graduate from our school told me this ... 

“When you gave me English you gave me a treasure.”

We have three goals in our English program.

     To be WELL SPOKEN, 



Community Hope is on the go!  We have a complete team of teachers who are all called to teach. God’s Word reminds us that unity brings a blessing. All of our teachers are called to teach and are here for more than just the paycheck. When I listened to sixty-two kids read from grades four through seven, I began with this question. " What is your favorite thing about Community Hope?”

"Babsie told me, "I love the way the teachers treat me.” 

At Community Hope we provide a loving atmosphere complete with hugs, warm nourishing meals served up alongside academic excellence. We are preparing children for the future. English is the international language of government, science and the arts. We are giving kids a boost up in today’s very competitive society, thus helping them to climb up out of the world of poverty and despair. You too can be a part of this life changing venture. By sponsoring a child you can bring life to a little one whose parents are absent or deceased.