National Archery Championships

Aug 30 2017

You Are Heroes

Dear Friends,

The children at Community Hope look at you as heroes. You are the ones, who by your gifts and prayers give them the privilege of education. They know many of you by name and feel special because of you, So buy yourself a cape!

Even though many of our children experience hardship at home they look forward to school expecting a day filled with comfort, warmth and love. The Community Hope teachers, cooks, and staff are their family away from home. So are you! Your monthly contributions pay the bills for food, nice  uniforms, rent, and much more. Some children tell us about how tough the conditions are here. Katutura is a very poor community. Winter is cold, especially without heated homes.They rise very early to get to school on time. Some walk long distances. 

We monitor the needs of individual children and help when we can. We provide extra help to severely disadvantaged families. We can’t change their homes but at school they walk into a different world where they are fed, taught, and protected. You are an important part of this great place called Community Hope School.

We are thankful for your part in our joint effort to provide good education and Spiritual nurture for these vulnerable children. Your prayers and gifts go far to shape their lives. I love the words Jesus spoke, “…but with God all things are possible.” Matt. 19:26

This picture of Whithney, Warren and me was taken twelve years ago. Today they are seniors in high school, ready to graduate. They study hard and have hope for their  future. Jesus Christ is the center of their lives and they are destined for success. They visit when they have time to say thank you. Through your intervention, They have learned to stand up!

With much love and appreciation,

Suzanne Hunter