August 2016 Update

August 2016 Update

Don't Miss The Mark!
I love archery and as a teen spent many hours in the hills with my Bear Kodiak bow near my home in California. This year we have started a Community Hope Archery Team. In a few short months we have raised up some quality archers. Recently we competed in Regional and National competitions. Angela took second place in junior girls at Regional and Donovan is now ranked #39 in the National standings. Quintin and Rene Kruger from YWAM Namibia, have sacrificially given of their time to start up our team. 

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July 2016 Update

July 2016 Update

The Samsets Want to Help Others Learn the Joy of Giving
Community Hope gives your family a way to experience some big world challenges and amazing cultures. Giving together as a family will help you grow closer to each other, God and missions.

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May 2016 Update

May 2016 Update

Shireen Afrikaner: 2016 Grade One Teacher
Shireen Afrikaner walked in the door one morning to apply for a teaching position. The first words that spilled out of her mouth were, "I’ve been watching your students and want to find out what you do here, these kids are so different.” “Can I volunteer?” I hired her on the spot. She began as a playground monitor and worked her way up to teaching. From the beginning, Shireen has demonstrated a purposeful attitude to teaching and to learning. Tenderness, creativity and thoughtful planning mark Shireen’s approach each day. I am proud for my grandson Alistair to be a part of Ms. Afrikaner’s class of eighteen.

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