Road Safety

Road Safety

It is important to make the children aware of road safety and inform them about the rules. This week at Chapel we did just that. A video on road safety was shown to the children to remind them to take care when on the road. This was followed by a discussion time on how to be safe on the road and the playground around cars

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Thinking about God

Thinking About God

Three years ago, my eldest son, Christian, finished his cardiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and moved his family lock, stock and barrel to Namibia. Today he is Head of Internal Medicine and Physiology at The University of Namibia's School of Medicine. He is busy training Namibia's first classes of future doctors. The medical needs here are great and quality health care is unavailable to most of Namibia's 3 million people. I am looking forward to the day when a graduate of Community Hope becomes a doctor.

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Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry



Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening at a Local School in Windhoek Namibia: Protocol


Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is caused by an in5lammatory reaction to Group A streptococcus infection. RHD is one of the leading causes of death by non-communicable diseases in low and middle-income countries. Recent estimates indicate that RHD is responsible for up 1.4 million deaths globally (Zuhlke et al. 2014). Previous studies have shown that echocardiography is the most sensitive method of detecting RHD, and compared to clinical exam is approximately 10 times more sensitive (Marijon et al. 2007). Early detection of RHD by echocardiography may allow for the important implementation of secondary prevention strategies with antibiotic prophylaxis.

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