Happy, Healthy Hearts!

Happy, Healthy Hearts!

"Obey your teacher with a happy heart." Grade One Class has this posted on the wall. It is their classroom constitution. One rule but an important one. And it shows that they have a rule of law in their class. Lex, Rex; The Law is King, not the other way around. But having a happy heart also means having a healthy one.

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From the Director



January 20, 2015

Dear friends,

This year is our 10th anniversary. We began with an all out effort and cleaned and painted all the classrooms. The children were so happy to see the bright shiny new rooms. God made Earth to be a home for man to learn about and know Him. CHS is a place for our students to know and learn of Him.

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Destined for Greatness

Most families have a few dysfunctional members.

I was the lost sheep of my family for many of my growing years. God interrupted my search for freedom in a most unusual way. More later on that story.

After my mom died, we were living in near Richmond, Virginia, working with YWAM Rock Castle, when a gift from her was delivered, a shiny new white Chrysler Le Baron convertible decked out with wooden side panels. I loved that little car, drove it relentlessly, top down rain or shine.

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