December 2016 Update

December 2016 Update

Christmas Joy!
Kara Miller writes:
Around 10 years ago we met John Hunter at our church in Massachusetts and discovered that he ran a school for impoverished kids in Katutura, Namibia. We wanted to get involved, so we started off by sending soccer balls, cleats and soccer shirts. We were rewarded with pictures of the kids, decked out in all their gear, smiling their white-tooth smiles. We were hooked. It was so tangible, this way of helping. We could see the effect and feel their joy. We moved to sponsoring 2 boys who had the same names as our two boys and we wrote letters to them. We organized an event through our children's small christian school, to donate supplies and money.  And we decided to go and visit. We spent weeks looking at pictures, memorizing names. Our children were planning to attend the school as we helped to teach. Our time there with those children was life-changing. God loves His children and He loved us by giving us a chance to love them. It is the incomprehensible nature of grace for when our good works are rooted in God's love for us through Jesus, we receive grace even as we give it. It is one of the best moments in the life of our family.

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November 2016 Update

November 2016 Update

SOZO (Salvation)
David couldn’t read. By fourth grade he read haltingly, word by word. One sweltering February, afternoon, I sat near him, his broken arm encased in a sloppy dirty cast, slumped down, almost prone in his seat. David’s beautiful dark skin glistened, eyes shut, blocking out the world around him. The pit of desperation held him down while I watched and prayed. Without intervention kids like David fall deeper and deeper into despair. This is my goal;  Help every child Read with understanding, Write with clarity, and Be well spoken. With each one, we do our best to visit their homes, tutor, counsel and encourage with love. We serve healthy food while we feed their minds and spirits. Some still some get left behind. 

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September 2016 Update

September 2016 Update

Testimony - We support children at Community Hope For a Number of Reasons
"At the top of the list is of course, because we believe God wants us to. We know that God has his special attention on the poor and the parentless. He cares for them and hears their cry, and he wants His people to care for them as well.  Community Hope schools provides a tangible way we can help children in need. But, beyond that, it helps our own children to develop a heart of caring for those in need."

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